Dec.2015 - Jan.2016


Paris, France

Individual Work

Idea generation
Hardware&Circuit Design
Arduino coding


This Arduino Photosensitive Alarm plays music when it feels light( of course you can change the light sensor value to control trigger light degree), and it can play 2 different songs by put it vertical or horizontal, also can change speed and volume by using the rotated button, and finally you will got a short snooze by pressing the press switch.


Due to I can hardly hear my alarm every morning and I do want to wake up early than before, maybe wake up by dawn. I’d like to make a Photosensitive Alarm. And this alarm should ring when the light shows. Also, normal alarm rings very boring so I will let it play some music I like to make me delightful in the morning. The song’s rhythm and melody are make by Arduino code.


All the materials I used:

Circuit Design

Make the improvement of the circuit. The graph shows below:

Hardware Design

Connect the circuit, then testing, the final photo sensitive alarm looks like the following:

Final Product

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