Nov.2017 - Apr.2018


Basel, Switzerland

My Role

Innovation Intern
UX consultant(HCP, etc)
UX/UI engineer(UX academy, rMendem)


Reference Letter
Detailed cannot be covered for the confidential reason:(


During my six month internship, I worked with the Roche DIA IT SD team, aiming at bring the user-centered design and usability knolwdge to team projects and providing relevant trainings for team members. Besides, I also participated several Roche projects, involved as UX consultant, my deliverables effects on different processes of the product.

Project Overview

UX Academy

UX design & Web Development

First slide

UX design & Consulatancy

First slide
In-Lab Platform

Conception & User testing

First slide

UX Academy

This was my initial individual task to bring UX knowledge to my team and provide training. Based on the qualitative and quantitative user research(user interview and questionnaire), a website which can help people to get engaged with usability and user-centered design skills had been designed and implemented. I conducted with Sketch for wirefram and UI design, InVision for prototype, and HTML/CSS, Bootstrap for the website implementation. By this internal UX academy site, Roche employee could get the academic resources easily, get the quick guide to run a design-thinking workshop(agenda, slide template, toolkit), and find the in-house collaboration on UX topic. In the end, this became a cross-team project(extended to 5 teams with more than 100 project managers and solution architects) with the positive feedback. The pilot workshop held successfully in Indianapolis, US, and the site got promoted in Diagnositic IT and still ongoing after I left.


rMendem is a mobile app which can help you find the right mentor to learn and tandem to exchange language. It is a personal project beside my internship initial scope since I saw the needs on matching between mentor and mentee, as well finding a language tandem in Roche. I spent one week to design this app and build the interactive prototype afterwork, later one tested with the colleagues. The positive feedback was gathered not only from my team but also from the in-house HR team.

InVision Mockup

Video Director & Producing

During my internship, I also supporting Roche DIA IT department to produce videos for in-house events or activities pre&after broadcast. Please enjoy one of my favorite production below, this was used for Christmas advent greetings of each department in Roche DIA IT(pw needed so far):


The team which I worked for is under the Roche Diagnostics IT Department, called Solution Delivery Salesforce Back Office. The team is mainly focusing on customizing ERP platform for Roche employees. See the team profile infographic:

Huge thanks to my manager Ricardo, Chris, and the amazing team and colleagues.

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