Oct.2014 - Jan.2015


Ningbo, China

My Responsibility

Interface/Motion Co-design
Hi-fi Prototype Implementation
Usability Test


I participated usability research of this range hood product as a UX intern at FOTILE Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd.. Among three months internship, I co-designed interface and motion effect, implemented hi-fi prototype for several products individually by Adobe Flash and Axure. The product included rangehood, microwave, steam box and oven. Besides, I also assisted the usability test of those products, learnt how to prepare the test and analysis the test results.

RangeHood EM10T

After the UI design was done, this prototype implementation took around 2 weeks, first week was mainly focusing on the motion design, and the next week concentrated on implementation. The following iteration was also done by me. The prototype was designed within actual size, configured with touch screen and used for usability test before the product launched in the market(release date in earlier 2015).
P.s. Please scale the new window to 50% to get better browsing experience;)

Hi-Fi Prototype Sample

UI Motion Design & MockUp



Steam Box

Download Axure File

It's been a pleasure that I could work with my lovely team, learn and grow my professional skills, as well as impact the real consumer goods to customers in their kitchen!

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