Oct.2018 - Mar.2019


Berlin, Germany

My Role

UX/UI Design Intern


Wireframe, Mockup, etc
Product Website


With Smart Mobility and Transport team at Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, my responsibility during the internship mainly aiming at UX/UI iteration for the web-based product: doing customer research, master the UX process, iterate and implement the web UI as well as the landing page, collaborate with product manager, external designers and developers from the agency. During my internship, we got funded from the Board Committee of Volkswagen Digital Transformation, and signed our first customer and delivered our first vehicle. Besides, as the only full-time designer in our team, I also take responsibility in the branding design for team and other products, drive the design tasks for other design students.

Please understand all the numbers cannot be shown and I have to fuzz some pictures to meet the confidential request. Thanks❤

Product Overview

Our product provides Light Commercial Vehicle(LCV) subscription service, which offers its commercial customers via digital channels vehicles with short-term availability and terminability.


Pharmacy Supplier
First slide
Event Catering
First slide
Delivery Service
First slide
Facility Management
First slide


Customer Journey and Touchpoint



The wireframe of landing pages and the digital checkout flow were created by Balsamiq:


UI Design

A part of UI Design for our subscribe platform by using Sketch, the mockup was built in InVision, and we use Zeplin to hand over relevant design assets to developers.


Landing Page

The landing page was created by me and product manger together, on webflow with embedded HTML/CSS, HubSpot tracking, and other setups. Before we released the redesigned version, we received the positive feedback from the user test.

User Test

User test sythesis

We are running the user test with Volkswagen We Service every 2 weeks at We Space, either in wireframe or interactive mockup, testing our landing page to see whether the user undrestood what we are offering and to see whether our checkout flow is clear and easy to use. Afterwards, we do the synthesis session based on the user test result and iterate our design.

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